WooCommerce Beginner Handbook

WooCommerce Beginner Handbook (Part 2) – Domain and Hosting

Today, we will start with website setup in Part 2 tutorial : Domain and Hosting.

Domain Name = Your Home Address

A company name with a non-matching domain name is a disaster for your business. So in order to have exact business name plus dot-com or other TLD extensions, you have to buy a domain name as soon as possible. There are some popular domain name registrar out there that you may give them a try:
1. Namecheap (.com from $10.98) 2. Godaddy (.com from $12.17) 3. Google Domains (.com from $12)
After you buy the domain, you can manage / configure domain name nameserver pointing to the new hosting nameserver. (more…)

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WooCommerce Beginner Handbook

WooCommerce Beginner Handbook (Part 1) – Pick A Name

This series "WooCommerce Beginner Handbook" is for WordPress and WooCommerce beginner. I will provide you with tutorials and guides to build your online store in 10 days. And today, we will start with a look at Day 1 tutorial : Pick a name.

How-to Name Your Business What's in a name? It should not only mean a lot to you, but it should be meaningful to your audience too. There are 3 golden rules when picking your business name: 1. Easy to pronounce and remember 2. Combination of words for key business 3. Domain availability
Usually domain name is your business name or brand itself + .com extension. (more…)

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Welcome to WP30

Welcome to WP30, a place for you to find WordPress / WooCommerce Help and Support. Our slogan “Get WordPress Up” which we believe by providing WordPress starter service packages that can help WordPress site owner to empower their website with Read more…

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