WooCommerce Beginner Handbook

WooCommerce Beginner Handbook (Part 2) – Domain and Hosting

Today, we will start with website setup in Part 2 tutorial : Domain and Hosting.

Domain Name = Your Home Address

A company name with a non-matching domain name is a disaster for your business. So in order to have exact business name plus dot-com or other TLD extensions, you have to buy a domain name as soon as possible. There are some popular domain name registrar out there that you may give them a try:
1. Namecheap (.com from $10.98) 2. Godaddy (.com from $12.17) 3. Google Domains (.com from $12)
After you buy the domain, you can manage / configure domain name nameserver pointing to the new hosting nameserver. (more…)

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WooCommerce Beginner Handbook

WooCommerce Beginner Handbook (Part 1) – Pick A Name

This series "WooCommerce Beginner Handbook" is for WordPress and WooCommerce beginner. I will provide you with tutorials and guides to build your online store in 10 days. And today, we will start with a look at Day 1 tutorial : Pick a name.

How-to Name Your Business What's in a name? It should not only mean a lot to you, but it should be meaningful to your audience too. There are 3 golden rules when picking your business name: 1. Easy to pronounce and remember 2. Combination of words for key business 3. Domain availability
Usually domain name is your business name or brand itself + .com extension. (more…)

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