This series “WooCommerce Beginner Handbook” is for WordPress and WooCommerce beginner. I will provide you with tutorials and guides to build your online store in 10 days.

And today, we will start with a look at Day 1 tutorial : Pick a name.

How-to Name Your Business
What’s in a name? It should not only mean a lot to you, but it should be meaningful to your audience too.

There are 3 golden rules when picking your business name:
1. Easy to pronounce and remember

2. Combination of words for key business

3. Domain availability

Usually domain name is your business name or brand itself + .com extension.

Rule #1 : Easy to pronounce and remember
I believe making your business stand out from the crowd is the highest priority and most difficult task, especially for startup or any business that has limited budget or resources for marketing.

In order to have word-of- mouth marketing works right for you, you just have to set a business name that has the viral element and topic value for your customers to help you spreading the words out. However, it must all start with a business name that is easy to pronounce and remember. Do you agree?

You might follow this guideline:
1. The shorter, the better
2. Two syllables and avoid using hyphens or other special characters
3. Simple and creative


Rule #2 : Combination of words for key business
You will use this name to communicate and marketing. It should reinforce the key elements of your business . Your work in developing a niche and a mission statement will help you pinpoint the elements you want to emphasize in your name.

Some experts advised that we should use real words or combinations of words over fabricated words. For example, a yogurt company might consider using “Spoon Me” or “Froyo”.


Rule #3 : Domain availability
The .com domain is the best choice for a domain name because it is the most common one and most people will just type “your business name” plus a .com to search for your website.

Few tips when choosing a domain name:
1. Short and simple
2. Avoid using dashes
3. Memorable


I would suggest using free naming resources below:
1. Panabee Business Name Generator & Domain Name Search

2. DomainNameBrain — Domain name generator & availability

3. How to Name Your Company (Podcast)

I believe, you shall have your online store domain name and business name sorted out very soon. Tomorrow I will share how to buy your domain and hosting before creating a website on top of that.

Let’s continue for Part 2 Tutorial: Domain and Hosting (Website Setup).